Rap Up: Hangout with Meller

While conducting research on Hip Hop culture and rap music in Bochum, one will inevitably get in touch with the name Meller. Manuel Meller, who raps under his surname, started with graffiti in the mid 1990s and soon turned to rap. Since then, he has been releasing his music to the public continuously: His album To The Bone was awarded the title “best indie album of the month” in December 2009 by Juice Magazine, numerous collaborations with other rappers have followed since and his latest vinyl-only album Meller On Wax Vol. 1 is already out of stock. But even without a mic in his hand, Meller stays busy: He founded two important meeting points for Bochum’s Hip Hop scene with Schuster’s Corner and the Superior Session and currently partakes in organizing workshops for kids and teenagers to get them in touch with Hip Hop culture. A long-standing actor in the scene of Bochum, Meller is almost certainly involved in anything Hip Hop in the city. While enjoying the Superior Session during the last warm and sunny days of 2016, the Bochum project group had the chance to reflect the results of the research project with Meller and discuss the status quo of Hip Hop culture and rap music in Bochum.

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