Bochum Rap: A Playlist

For your listening pleasure, the Bochum project group has compiled a playlist with the extensive help of Rajmund and Rheza to provide an overview of rap music from Bochum. Again, this list is by no means complete – if you feel that something important is missing, please let us know in the comments below.

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Style & Skill II: Interview with Bochum’s Graffiti Crew iOR

Not all graffiti writers embrace the hassle-free legal walls the city provides them with. In their opinion, graffiti does not need a designated space: As a culture which came from the streets, it belongs right there and the whole city is a canvas. There are several crews in Bochum painting the streets, rooftops and trains by night and of the most prominent in Bochum is iOR. The Bochum project group had the chance to have a talk to one of its members. He has been an active for the last 17 years – and for obvious reason, he will remain anonymous.

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